There are three stages to our Web Design Process: The Discussion, Initial Design and Development Stage.

Discussion Stage

We will first confer with you to discover your needs. During which time, we will determine the amount of pages your new site will require. We will need to consider your target audience, and determine who it is exactly you are trying to provide product or service to. We will need to discuss whether you will be providing copy and/or imagery or if we will be providing for you. Once these and other items are agreed upon, SG Design will provide you with a prospective flowchart design - based on our discussion - for your approval.

It is of great importance that you inform us of your budgetary requirements. Without knowing what level of service you are seeking, it is impossible for us to quote any project, be it web or otherwise. Of course we can meet any realistic budget but, for example, if you are seeking a $50,000 full blown e-commerce website and only have a budget of $5,000, we will let you know that in order for your vision to become a reality, we would require a bit more flexibility on your part. We would also suggest in this instance that your level of service may be a bit too high given your current investment abilities. We will always negotiate to gain your confidence and trust.

Initial Design Stage

After we have completed the Discussion Stage, SG Design will begin the design process. We will create
*two or three sample Graphical User Interface designs (GUI) of what we have translated your vision to be. The GUI's will encompass the ideas of our discussion including the formulation of an attractive USP (Unique Selling Proposition) or Tag Line.

Once you have selected the model you like the best, up to two realistic revisions will be granted. Revisions may include a font style substitution or color change throughout, or other not subtractive alterations. We will complete the necessary scans and/or color corrections if required for your imagery, insert the copy you have provided to us in digital format, submit all for your approval and move on to the final stage.

During the Initial Design Stage, you will be able to view progress over time via a temporary sub-site within the SG Design Group server hierarchy. Any progress or changes made to your new site will be viewable to you at any time. All changes will be completed and uploaded in real time.

* The number of GUI designs may vary depending on your budget.

Development Stage

The design process will conclude with the approval and/or revision of your selected GUI after all revisions, if required, have been completed. Upon approval, we will complete the secondary pages and sublinks placing appropriate copy and imagery where necessary. Your new website will be registered with or Network Solutions who will reserve your chosen domain name, and with an ISP (Internet Service Provider) or Host of your choice, or we provde hosting for you. We will also register your site with the ten major search engines - Yahoo!, Google, AltaVista, Netscape, AOL, HotBot, Lycos, Webcrawler, Infoseek and MSN - utilizing the Meta Tags we have placed in the HTML.

We have a firm grasp on search engine technologies and have achieved number one placement for some of our client's sites. Although there are no guarantees, we will do our best to achieve high placement for your new website within the search engines.

At SG Design, we harness our knowledge and experience to provide our clients with stunning, strategic websites. Images that download swiftly, targeted messages aimed at the bottom line, and extreme attention to the finest details are imperative in today's saturated market. We know that your online presence is as important to you as the image you wish to convey.

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