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Our Client Roster consists of both web and print solutions. For each one of our clients, we establish an open working relationship which translates all of our work into User Centered Designs. Below is a listing of some of our work and and explanation of how SG Design Group has created a steady revenue stream for the client.

Custom Lighting Fixtures, Inc.
Full web solution, animation, audio production,
copy writing, logo design, brochure

Custom Lighting Fixtures, Inc is a very unique case. They are, in a nutshell, the finest antique reproduction lighting fixture manufacturer which required more finesse than a blatant static brochure site.

Problem: Due to the sheer number of fixtures needed to be presented, we had to devise an entirely original navigational scheme which would not confuse or overwhelm the visitor. We needed to accomplish this while retaining the professionalism of the company, keeping in mind the need for a classy design and speed of load time for the 450+ lighting fixture images.

Solution: We first sat down with the CEO to understand his vision. He made it clear to us that he had attempted a website before but the previous two companies were unsuccessful at getting him found online.

We created a navigational scheme which allows visitors the ease of jumping through the site without getting lost. We further positioned our client above their competitors by way of an elegant GUI targetted at the emotional purchase which had been their mainstay. Through the use of proper understanding of search engine technology, we were able to achieve top placement on the major search engines, thus alleviating our cilent's fear of not being found online. We have successfully been able to reach number one positions on some of the search engines for our client specified keywords.

By further enhancing the website with a streaming audio production, we have yet to meet another competitor's site comparable to the experience.

Over a short period of only two years, our client is enjoying a turn from retail POP sales, into a growth of 700+ percent due to his constantly growing online business attributed to the work which SG Design Group committed itself to perform on our client's behalf.

The recent growth of Custom Lighting Fixtures, Inc. is wholely attributed to our redesign of their website and proper knowledge of search engine technology and streamig media.

Seth Regan Music
Full web design solution, logo design, rebranding, blog creation, social network integration, copy writing

Seth Regan is a professional singer songwriter with over 25 years of touring. Since 2006, Seth has been touring in the virtual world known as Second Life, becoming the most well known performer in this arena of over 20 million global members.

Problem: Seth Regan's existing site did not incorporate thematic use of color or any sense of good design tactics. It was basically a low end "built" site which did nothing to attract new clients. The navigation was very poorly laid out often confusing visitors as to how to renavigate back from where they came. Furthermore, no social integration had been implemented

Solution: SG Design Group devised a plan to redesign the entire site and image and equally as important, to construct a more simple navigational flowchart. We began analyzing web trends in the various music markets to dertermine the most effective means of keeping the information relevent and presenting in a unique yet very memorable way. This step always plays an important part in delivering the finest production to our clients. It keeps us ahead of our client's competition who may not be ready to invest wholeheartedly in their company's online image.

The three Graphical User Interfaces (GUI) we presented to our client were different models based on these trends. After the preferred GUI was selected and revisions were complete, we began to restructure the flowchart in a more direct approach making it easier for prospective clients to navigate but moreover, directing them to where our client would be most profitable. We also implemented an integrated the social networks like Facebook and Twitter to increase Seth's visibility in the mainstream. A new Blog was created which also tied together in theme tothe newly designed website. Now when people visit the website, it is a pleasant experience without the hassles or dissappointment of poor, low quality imagery or confusing navigation.

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